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The world according to Aaron

and a few other bits and pieces

mmm knoedl
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Kartoffelland Knïdl - halb'n'halb in onion, mushroom and leffe radieuse (bavarian dark ale) gravy with some awesome lamb.. yeah that's a good meal.

Why was I born in australia?

That's one of the benefits of melbourne I guess, it's not just the occasional gourmet deli that imports foreign food  - it's fricken all of them. Well a lot. Although for some damn reason it's so damn hard to find prosciuto. I am not a fan of the million and one salami's - but like my cured/semi-cured Pork products.

Someone wants to give me and my 2 siblings $5k. Now I am torn as to whether my scepticism over it being a possible scam and my debt being reduced a bit. Have one more aspect to check out tomorrow to see if it's a valid trust/insurance payout company, two avenues seem all clear so far.

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So, I watched Juno. Quite impressed actually. A little slow at points, but overall quite a good, mostly unique movie. Simple, but entertaining. Go watch it.

p.s. Dodgy old fluoro lights + white shirt + shiny screen = bad reflections. Lets see if they replace the light fixture when they do the roof tiles and desks for the office area next week.

new blog
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so peeps - changing servers. new blog will be at http://worldofannwn.net/night/blog/ <- nightshadow.co.uk will be redirected there soon enough... a few new tricks, once I get them sorted - like openID support - prefpass if it chooses to work, new syndication - windows live writer plugins to crosspost to blogger, lj and my site. etc etc...

stuff for sale
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A few bits and pieces of stuff for sale:

dvd player, stereo, table, cabinet/hutch, car stereo speakers, amp, digicam etc
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my lj syndicated feed _nightshadow is working again in case you haven't noticed..
now quiz time..
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
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update, update, get your updates
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alrighty peeps. in case you haven't noticed... I've posted very little lately on _nightshadow... The webserver I am hosted on had to be rebuilt, new PHP install and until some PHP settings are changed the blog site will remain dead.
latest updates - http://photos.nightshadow.co.uk is now up. Still working on the front page, but check out my Photo Portfolio and let me know what you think. A few shots need to be replaced for better scans from negatives (when i get the film scanner working properly).. the rest are digital.
Christmas was good.
Due to incredibly generous inlaws we now have a second car.. a 1.5l automatic..some people have auto licences..
However, the car is a brand new suzuki swift Z series.

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yeah, taking some time off work.. feels wrong. Will be back at it soon :(
Going to take a lot of photos soon, in that mood.
I hate this brisbane weather!

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meme on here since I can't cut properly through my syndication _nightshadow.
Stolen from louise / Ek
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Returning to your normal boradcast on _nightshadow

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1) Canon EOS 300D

2) xmas pressies for everyone else.

results so far:

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I have to remember that is saves every setting and doesn't reset the ISO speed etc like my last camera. but its sooo much fun
double post for the hell of it.
- check out _nightshadow not this account btw.

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as most of you know, entries are coming out of _nightshadow again as it is being syndicated. Life is busy :(
not enough time for fun.
Playing indoor soccer in the wrong shoes is not a good idea, you need tight shoes, not loose slip on ones.. my blister hurts.

quiz and NS.co.uk
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from uiui
1) Who are you?
2) Are we friends?
3) When & how did we meet?
4) Do you have a crush on me?
5) Would you kiss me?
6) Describe me in one word.
7) What was your first impression?
8) Do you still think that way about me?
9) What reminds you of me?
10) If you could give me anything, what would it be?
11) How well do you know me?
12) When's the last time you saw me?
13) Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
14) Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?

oh. nightshadow.co.ku is back up temporarily why i play with some scripts for friends and decide on a decent CMS with php and mysql.