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steph is sick, i am fighting something off.
umm.. work is boring.
we are getting inspected by the OGTR tomorrow or friday at work. The office of the Gene Technology Regulator - the hardcore boys that make sure we aren't doing any dodgy genetic manipulations. If something isn't approved or has a decent record they will throw it out.

Walking to work everyday now, tis good, even the walk home at night. its not too far which is good. Since i am doing like no fitness atm, apart from indoor soccer.
_nightshadow is still down awaiting the backup data - we better get the data retrieved.

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well you see, the Queensland Police force deemed from 2659m away and across 4 lanes of traffic that I was doing 79 in a 60 zone. It pisses me off, cause i sped up momentarily to overtake a car and get into the left lane. I don't think i got anywhere near 79 but hey, the guy was a dick. He also quickly checked the car out but didn't mention anything apart from asking if it was a turbo (lol).
i have 1 pt left on my license now till january when i get my opens.

anyway i was bored shitless most of the weekend.
saw I, robot friday night then went cruising for a bit. good movie.
briefly went to my parents sat morning. my dad is more annoying then ever.
took steph to visit her grandma in a nursing home in rosewood sat arvo. stayed at home saturday night, watched hwo to lose a guy in 10 days and enigma on Flatmate's new TV with This sound.
sunday i worked in the morning... then played indoor soccer (x2) we lost our real match then drew the one that didn't count for the Bismarcks.
got the speeding on my way to play outdoor, got pissed off. and just went grocery shopping. then i cleaned the kitchen as there was nothing better to do.
what fun!

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in case you haven't noticed. nightshadow.co.uk is down. server problems, its being worked on.
hence why there have been no posts on _nightshadow
well, yeah not much has been happening. new flatmate moved in. work sucks, as per usual.
uploaded some new melb/great ocean road pics to Deviantart.
going to see andrea bocelli in september.
need to buy a clothes dryers possibly, and a fridge definitely. anyone selling ?
might go see I robot or king arthur tonight.

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1) My grandma/nanna died early saturday morning, while I was in melbourne. This sucks, I have to go to her funeral on tuesday :(
2) Steph and I are getting married :)

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p.s. - i will prob only post meme's or some crap on n1ghtshadow as most posts will be syndicated through _nightshadow

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how lame is that.

my answers were too varied i guess..

syndicate it now!
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for some reason liejournal has decided to stop syndicating my journal feeds.. _nightshadowseems to be paused in a frozen wasteland..
maybe the terrorists comment were against lj policy or something.. fuckers.. i'll give it a week and wait.. otherwise i will create a new syndicated account i guess.
You will find it all here

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new LJ account
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you should all add "_nightshadow" _nightshadow to your friends list.
Some of you may have difficulty doing thios, but be patient, the more ppl that add my new acct the less points it costs for the free users out there...

i won't be posting under n1ghtshad0w anymore... so if you can't syndicate it check out http://nightshadow.co.uk in the mean time.. (once i redirect it that is)

syndication points
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anyone have a syndication point they don't want ???
I want to use my RSS feed and have it syndicated on lj instead of posting in 2 things...
not like i could even add it to friends list till 5 other ppl have added it... since i only have 0.453 points left after lime's diaryofafruit....


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