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stuff for sale
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A few bits and pieces of stuff for sale:

dvd player, stereo, table, cabinet/hutch, car stereo speakers, amp, digicam etc

JVC UX-V9MD micro hifi system with minidisc - minidisc is jammed but I can fix that. Pic.

Hyundai DM-350 DVD player - DTS/dolby/mp3/vcd etc - region free.

Pioneer TSd-160R 6" Co-axial speakers - 225w max. great condition.

Jaycar 2 x 150w rms precision response car audio amplifier. perfect.

Solid wood timber table - 6 seater, light-stain, 6 chairs (wood/ cushion), oval.

Solid wood cabinet/hutch - display cabinet thing with cupboard underneath.

Futon sofa bed - fold out queen size futon bed, frame and matress, good quality.

A million and one old science textbooks

Olympus C-220 zoom 2 mp digital camera +128 meg mem card, 3x optical zoom - minor focus problem, but works great.

Moving house soon, so want to clear some stuff away.

For more information or prices etc Email me

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Hi again!

You might recall me from such episodes as "Help me find a Builder" haha

anyway, I have another question, your pictures on your site...do you sell them? and if you do, if you don't sell them printed do you do them as high res so I can have them printed?

I sell them all as prints, well most anyway :)
If you don't want to purchase through paypal, just email me etc :)

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