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update, update, get your updates
logo, gnome, ministry
alrighty peeps. in case you haven't noticed... I've posted very little lately on _nightshadow... The webserver I am hosted on had to be rebuilt, new PHP install and until some PHP settings are changed the blog site will remain dead.
latest updates - http://photos.nightshadow.co.uk is now up. Still working on the front page, but check out my Photo Portfolio and let me know what you think. A few shots need to be replaced for better scans from negatives (when i get the film scanner working properly).. the rest are digital.
Christmas was good.
Due to incredibly generous inlaws we now have a second car.. a 1.5l automatic..some people have auto licences..
However, the car is a brand new suzuki swift Z series.

yeah, taking some time off work.. feels wrong. Will be back at it soon :(
Going to take a lot of photos soon, in that mood.
I hate this brisbane weather!

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Hooray for everything!

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